Managing Trust services and electronic identities of customers and citizens is the key to a successful digital transformation


For all types of companies

Our solutions are used by clients of all sizes, from startups to large companies ...

Identity management

We support you to setup a secure and optimized identity management

Trust services

We design and deliver a wide range of electronic Trust Services for paperless business process

Banking and Finance

Deliver a full digital banking experience to your customers and Switch to Paperless on-boarding processes, applications, and transactions.

Public Sector

Simplifying access to services for citizens with a full digitized services for an efficient public administration.


Protect LTE networks that lies behind the 4G infrastructure and be ready for a full paperless experience.


Opt for a full digital experience and Secure your business transactions as well as the access to your applications.


Move to a secure world by using easy identity for employees, students and provide them a secure access and a full digital experience.


Manage easily your patients and medical staff while making your electronic access and transactions secure.

They Trusted Us

What we do

Electronic Identity Management

Secure Access, protect your business and enhance your processes.

Electronic Trust Services

Boost your business and reduce the cost of manual work.

GAïA Trust Platform

Unique All-in-one Platform to Manage electronic IDentity, Access and Trust services


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