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Unique All-in-one Platform to Manage electronic IDentity, Access and Trust services


Take Control of your Business Processes and Meet Regulations

Regulation changes all the time, it was SOX in the past, now it is GDPR, eKYC, PSD2, eIDAS, NIST800–63-3, and it will be other regulation in the future. GAïA IDentity & Trust Management helps you to design, build and control all the business processes of managing identities according to a specific regulation, by controlling lifecycle identity processes you ensure to meet easily new regulations.

Easy way to manage process

We provide an intuitive and easy way for non-technical users to represent the semantics of complex business processes easily and in an intelligible form. It reduces noise communication between the process request stage and implementation, execution and management.

A 360 degree vision on all uses with legal value

Implement a controlled and smart electronic identity for your customer. Enable trace-ability for all actions and events related to the identity life-cycle management and be sure that the right person access to the right resource in compliance with defined policies.The personal data are collected, stored and managed with respect of your identity policy in order to go to GDPR compliance. You secure access, you control a lifecycle management for users and services.

GAïA help you toward GDPR, eKYC, PSD2, eIDAS, NIST800–63-3 compliance and others ...

GAÏA Identity Management is the Unique platform that allows you to control all your identity management processes and make sure you comply with the regulations. The only platform that combine all the processes of managing the compliance with GDPR, eKYC, PSD2, eIDAS, NIST800–63-3


GAïA Trust Mobile
All-in-one Mobile application

Ease user experience way with all-in-one mobile application for all  his services and go to full digital services.

GAïA Trust Mobile is an All-in-one mobile application used for registration, on-boarding process, electronic Identification, strong authentication, signing transaction & documents, as well as verifying documents identity

Why GAIA Trust Plateform?

With GAïA Trust Platform you will be able to manage identity, authentication processes and also provide a lot of Trust services like electronic signature in all-in-one platform.

GAïA Trust Platform helps you to be fully compliant with GDPR, KYC, AML, PSD2

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GAïA IDentity Management

Secure you business with smart and controlled Identity


Smart electronic Signature platform for Full Digital experience

GAïA Authentication Management

Protect access with multi-factor and biometric Authentications

GAïA Archiving Management

Store your electronically signed documents and proof files

GAïA Document Identity 2D-Doc

Secure your paper and electronic documents with the use of 2D Identity

GAïA Trust Mobile

Mobile application for on-boarding, 2D-Doc identity and secure access


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