Managing Trust services and electronic identities of customers and citizens is the key to a successful digital transformation


Trust services

We design and deliver a wide range of electronic Trust Services for paperless business process

Cost effective services

Boost your business and reduce the cost of manual work with our tailored Trust Services adapted to your needs.

Vairous usages

A wide range of its usages: dematerialized invoices and certificates, online contract services…

electronic Signature

Accelerate your business and dematerialize the signature of your documents by opting for a platform that guarantees you a legal value of documents signed electronically.

Easy Integration

Go to paper-less documents in electronic format while maintaining the same legal validity and credibility.

electronic Seal

Display your commitment by securing your dematerialized documents (invoices, contracts, payslips, certificates …)

Sign on behalf of the company or a legal entity and guarantee the authenticity and integrity of your data.

Proove electronic document’s origin and validity by using electronic Seal. As electronic signature, electronic seal respect a lot of conformity reglementation.

IDentity 2D-Doc

Give your documents an electronic identity and guarantee the authenticity and integrity of your documents.

Easy to verify

We make it possible to secure all types of documents, both paper and digital. The documents targeted concern in particular the supporting documents (water, telephone, insurance and rent receipts, RIB, …) used by individuals and / or professionals in their relations with companies, services of the Internet Administration or social services.

Archiving Service

With Gaia Archiving service, ensure the integrity of archiving documents by applying security and trust mechanisms with total compliance with the policy of classification, archiving and consulting documents that provide a long term probative value according to the European eIDAS regulation

Designed processes to identify, classify, preserve, display and allow access to the archived documents, combined with the use of strong authentication, digital signature, time stamping providing the legal value.

Validation Services

The validation processes of the electronic signatures, seals and time stamps garanties ensures trustworthiness of your electronic documents.

In order for your customers, citizens and users to accept signed documents, it is important to offer appropriate validation electronic documents services.

Timestamp Service

Add a reliable digital date print to your transactions, documents and codes which guarantees that they have not been altered after the date attested by the Timestamp.
Ensure the timing, integrity, and validity of the electronic signature during your digital processes.

Creates proof of the time of processing in electronic processes
and protects the integrity of archived data.

Acknowledges the validity of electronic contracts for long-term validation

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